She says she wants to be the reason why other young girls would want to get into the industry she is in, i say i would like you to stand up one day and say…because of Debra,i never gave up! #TheGoalGetterMindset….however you define it. Are you a goal getter? Thumbs up for you if you […]

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ME TOO #FemaleIsTheFuture

Hey Kings and Queens👑 I hope y’alls been doing great. I have, I must say the past weeks have been the most significant in the month of October. And oh yes! My birthday is coming up soon, on the 30th, save the date and surprise me. Well, I could not help but marvel at how […]

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The Other Side Of Me:CELIBACY

…of woman… Hey Kings and Queens👑 Many a times abstaining from sexual relations and or marriage sounds like a joke. However, it’s a choice we develop for different reasons. The world of women who have chose to go celibate for some time in their life comes with quite a number of sad stories, sacrifices, pain, […]

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Intwasa Euphoria #Immortalise

Hey Kings and Queens! On today’s blog i would like to highlight my love for art and cultural celebrations. Its Spring time and i am excited, i can not keep calm! There is something hot under way in my hometown, koBulawayo, The City of Kings and Queens. Its Intwasa Arts Festival Month!!! Intwasa Arts Festival […]

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My September Playlist #MusicMonday

#ReadTwoBooksAndBlogMoreThanTwiceAWeek Hey Kings and Queens! I hope you are feeling awesome today. I am, a happy-go-lucky kind of person, thats me. It surely takes quite a lit to get on my nerves, lol. Well, on today’s first blog i decided to share with you my September Playlist #MusicMonday. I would love you to get a […]

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#WCW : It Is Possible African Child!

Hey Kings and Queens👑! There is a number of Africans that have reached greater heights and have exuded the greatness of the continent, Africa internationally, as well as globally. The list is endless but today ,I would like to focus on the above pictured African Queens. (photo credit @makhondlovu @NomzamoMbatha via twitter/instagram) First of all, […]

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